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The Lord is calling for strong men; men who will not waiver, but stand strong in the power of his might. The men's ministry of Glad Tidings seeks to build-up strong men by identifying and addressing needs that they fact. Through specialized outreach services, men’s retreat, men’s conferences, and the Iron Man quarterly breakfast. Holding our men accountable through the practice of their faith, while cultivating leaders within the home, community and the church, therefore becoming a “GTI Man”. 

Elder Michael Washington, Director &

Elder Al Chaney, Assistant Director

One Heart Marriage Ministry

Divine Order: God First, Spouse Second, then Ministry. A ministry to assist married couple’s to grow and enhance the institution of a Godly marriage, through prayer, fellowship, training programs, spiritual support, helping hands, listening ears and confidentiality; therefore allowing couples to experience life changing acts of love, and unity in marriage.


Deacon Willie G. & Sister Michelle Logan

Cover Girls Women's Ministry

Glad Tidings International seeks to build-up believers by identifying and addressing needs we face. Through this specialized outreach to women, growth and accountability are encouraged while spiritual, mental, and emotional horizons are expanded. In addition to personal growth, the ministry settings offered provide marvelous opportunities for un-churched family and friends to be exposed to the gospel message of Jesus Christ and the love of God’s people. 

Lady Vanessa Macklin 


Recognizing, Reaching, Restoring and Releasing… Singles are building spiritually strong single and single-again adults of all ages, through monthly events and seminars.

Sister Charone Jackson

Young Adults 

Reaches out to young people who, many times, are at the crossroads of decision in many areas of their life; searching and desiring God’s will for their future. Through this ministry, young adults are encouraged and challenged to discover and use their spiritual gifts in a variety of ministry endeavors

Ages 19-35 

Golden Ages

The unique season of life that God allows us to transition into. As our seasons change, so also do our needs and challenges. This ministry provides a support system for seniors emphasizing the spiritual growth and social enhancement while opportunities are given to share and impart wisdom into our younger believers.

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